Friday, December 2, 2016

Sammy's Come Fly With Me and Eric's Day Flashback

Before the flashback I have a special post for my dear friend Sammy.
A special day has been made for him by Madi and Easy.

I have taken Sammy to the Mayflower Steps on the Barbican. The steps mark the approximate spot from where the Mayflower left England taking the Pilgrim Fathers to life in the New World.

The Mayflower and the Speedwell originally set sail for the New World from Southampton, but after sailing 300 miles off Lands End there were problems with the Speedwell and they returned to Plymouth. The Speedwell was found to be unseaworthy so the Mayflower sailed alone to Cape Cod.

Plymouth was heavily bombed during the Second World War, but the Barbican area survived with it's medieval streets and narrow alleyways and Elizabethan buildings.

It has been a great honour for me to show my dear forever friend a small part of Plymouth.
Love you always, Sammy.


This week the flashback comes from December 2010 and is called:

Walking in the Fields.

Eric: These pictures are from just before it got really cold and we were still going out for walks in the fields.

Flynn: It was not long after the Beans came back from their holidays, and we were glad to get out and stretch our legs again.

and to just sit and survey everything.

We checked for introoders.

and mousies.

Flynn: It was good to feel the dirt under my tummy.

Eric: Checking smells and nomming grass, what more can a mancat ask for.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One Lovely Blog Award.

I have been given the One Lovely Blog Award by Kali and Shoko of the Canadian Cats.
Thank you Kali and Shoko!
I have to tell you 7 things about myself. I have had lots of awards over the past 10 years so you probably know as much about me as I know myself, but here goes.

1. I have always been very vocal. I like to do my garden patrols and yowl all the way round. That is to warn intruders to keep away. Sometimes when I have used my litter box in the middle of the night I come back yowling to let everyone know.

2. I am a very good mouser and must have caught hundreds over the years. I rarely eat them but used to play with them and then give them to Eric to eat.

3. My favourite food is Stinky Goodness but sometimes my mum gives me a flavour I don't like. Just because I liked it one day doesn't mean I like it the next. Now I sniff it and walk away, but I used to show my displeasure by eating it from my paw and flicking it everywhere.

The guardian of the broken leg 2006.
4. I like to keep a close eye on my mum. If I am outdoors I have to keep coming in to check on her. If she is in bed and I am out on her recliner, if I hear her move I have to go right in and check she is okay.

5.  I am not really a lap cat. I may sit there for a couple of minutes, but that's it. I much prefer cuddles and will snuggle up in mum's arms for a long time, especially if she has her furry dressing gown on. I also like to sleep on her tummy. If she is on her side I keep walking over her and purring at her until she turns onto her back. I will lie with my nose against her chin for a minute or two, then I turn around to sleep with my butt in her face.

6.  I go for walks with my mum and dad together now, but in the beginning me and Eric went with her because my dad was out working. We used to walk where she told us we could and she would let us wander on ahead as long as she could see us. Sometimes Eric would wander too far and wouldn't come back when she called him. She says I was a good boy because she would tell me to wait while she went after Eric. I would sit in the grass and not move until she came back except to pounce on the odd mousie or two,and then she told me what a good boy I was.

7.  Okay the last thing about me. I am a nip head. Yes I've admitted it. I love my nip and can never have too much of it.

I hope you have enjoyed those facts about me. I am supposed to nominate 7 more blogs but we don't know who has had the award and who hasn't, so if you would like it, please take it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Selfies.

I haven't taken any selfies this week so these are older ones from last year that I haven't used before. You can see that I hadn't got used to looking at the camera when I took them.

There was a lot of grass in the way in the first one so I tried again. I almost looked at the camera that time.

You can see more selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Eric's Day Flashback - Forbidden Sunspots.

This week the flashback comes from December 2010 and is called:

Forbidden Sunspots.
Yesterday when I got caught checking out the Bonsai tree, that was not the only reason I was caught out. Can you believe we are not allowed on the worktops? You only have to look to see that it is the most wonderful sunspot and mum thinks I shouldn't be up there. She's crazy!

Anyway, after I had enjoyed the sun for a while I decided to see what the little tree smelled like.

Then I checked to make sure it had enough water. Nope, looks too dry to me. Mum should be grateful that I let her know it needed watering instead of making me get down.

This is the Bean's Christmas Cactus. It used to belong to our dad's mum and is very old. They brought it with them when they moved when dad was a very small boy so must be at least 56 years old. It lives in the porch. Mum just put it on the worktop to take the photo. It lives outdoors in the summer and has often had big pieces broken off when we get strong winds, but it seems to survive everything.
We still have the cactus so it is now at least 62 years old. It doesn't have as many buds this year so may be coming towards the end of it's life. We did have strange weather this year though, so that could be the reason for less buds.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Selfies.

I was quietly sitting there trying to decide whether to have a bath, take my selfie or have a nap, "Strike a pose" she says.

So I did.

As she had already disturbed me, I thought I might as well take my selfie, then maybe I could get some peace and quiet for my nap.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Eric's Day Flashback - Photos We Took with our cat Camera.

This week's flashback is different and not of an old post. Mum was looking through the photos that me and Eric took when we were wearing our cat camera and decided to post some of them. They are not in any particular order.

This is during one of our walks and Eric took a photo of me listening for a mouse.

He also liked to take photos of the scenery and took this one of the grass and dandelions.

He got a close up of me, but I wasn't happy about him getting so close with the camera.

I took a photo of him too, but he did the same to me as he would do to my mum when she wanted to get a photo of him and turned his back.

I got a better one when we were back in the garden, but I chopped his ears off!

I'm not sure which of us took the photo of the horse being led back to the stables.

I was quite pleased with this photo. Mum said I got Eric nice and central.

So of course Eric had to take one of me that he got central. It was my turn not to look this time.

This is one I took of Eric and my mum's feet when we were getting ready to go for a walk.

This is the big old oak tree we used to climb with my mum photo bombing it. Eric must have taken this photo because you can see his whiskers across the left hand side, and his whiskers were much longer than mine.

I was probably watching grasshoppers here.

This is another of our scenery photos looking down to the river.

 Another photo I took of Eric, and our mum sitting on the horse trough. The silly blade of grass got in the way though.

Eric meant to get a photo of me but his own shadow photo bombed it this time.

I took this one of my mum talking to Eric.

As you can see,even Eric took 'tock shots!
I hope you enjoyed looking back on these photos that we took ourselves.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


One chair...

is not enough.